Reverend Marc Brown has served as a pastor of small, midsize, and large churches. In addition, he has served as the district superintendent for the Richmond District of the Virginia Conference as well as the Director of Connectional Ministries for the Virginia Conference. Marc describes his appointment to serve as pastor of Fort Hill as “a blessing from God.”

He is a graduate of Radford College and Wesley Theological Seminary.

What does Marc enjoy doing in his personal time?

  • Enjoying family (he is always happy to show you pictures of his grandchildren)
  • Golf (primarily for the walking and exercise)
  • Writing (he has co-authored four books on strategic planning and Christian transformational leadership)
  • Travel (always fun to travel with his wife, Beverly, to new places)

A Message from Reverend Brown

What a privilege it is to serve as pastor of Fort Hill, a congregation that has been a faithful beacon of hope in Jesus Christ since 1899. Throughout its history, people in this community of faith have rejoiced with those who rejoice and wept with those who weep. At the altar of Fort Hill, the sacredness of life has been affirmed as lives have been joined, renewed in the water of baptism, confirmed in the faith of Jesus Christ, sustained in Holy Communion, and remembered in the great cloud of witnesses.

As pastor of this congregation, I promise to travel the journey of faith with you as a follower of Jesus. While I do not profess to know the answers to all the questions that life presents, I do profess faith in the risen Jesus Christ who has promised to be with us always.

Pastor Marc Brown