At Fort Hill United Methodist Church, we have several opportunities for you to grow your Christian faith, knowledge, spiritual understanding, and fellowship in love for God. Here you will find a variety of Bible Study classes, groups and fellowship near you in Lynchburg, VA designed to help you get more involved with Jesus in knowledge and mission.

RightNow Media

We are happy to partner with RightNow Media, a new online Christian video library, so our church members have access to an extensive selection of resources. Some have called RightNow Media the “Netflix of Video Bible Studies” as it has a magnificent library of faith-based videos that can be accessed wherever and whenever you want – on your computer, phone, iPad, or at home on your TV. Find out how to sign up for your free account here

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Seeds of Faith Series

A seed was thought to have miraculous characteristics in biblical times. How else would you rationalize something so tiny and inconsequential having the gift of life inside it?
Faith also has the phenomenon of life within it. The “Seeds of Faith” video series will help us ask questions and sow the gift of God’s life as we live our daily lives.

Sunday School Bible Study Classes

The Fellowship Class

This Sunday morning class for adults is a combination of Bible study group discussions and lectures ranging from traditional topics to contemporary issues.

The Forrest Oglesby Class

Created back in 1946 by Reverend Forrest Oglesby, this class if primarily made up of active seniors who desire to grow their faith in Jesus. Classes are led by an assortment of teachers and are mostly lecture-based with some discussion. This class includes devotion, music, and prayer.

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Discovery Class

This is possibly the most relaxed and informal discussion and Bible study class near you in Lynchburg. This class is about analyzing chapters and prayers of the Bible and how they correlate to contemporary events as well as our modern-day lives.

Fort Hill UMC also has a wide range of Bible study groups and ministries that allow you to grow in service and fellowship near you in Lynchburg and the surrounding area. Check out some of our additional opportunities for growth in Jesus below:


Acts 29 Bible Study & Prayer Group
United Methodist Women
United Methodist Women’s Book Club


JOY Ministry
Park View Community Mission

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