LEAD: Joan Shook
CONTACT EMAIL: jgshk333777@gmail.com
CONTACT PHONE: (434) 847-1251
WHEN:  Mondays from 10:00 – 11:00 AM
WHERE: Fort Hill United Methodist Church Library

The Acts 29 Bible study and prayer meeting formed after the group studied Acts 29: Fifty Days of Prayer to Invite the Holy Spirit by Dr. Terry Teykl.  Since the book of Acts contains only 28 chapters, the thesis is we are to be the 29th chapter by continuing in the power of the Holy Spirit.  After the Acts 29 Bible study was completed, the group evolved into a prayer group.

Each meeting begins with 20 minutes of silent centering meditation, followed by a discussion on a book of prayer or other facets of the spiritual life. The last few minutes always includes prayers of intercession for those we know in special need of prayer.

If you are interested in joining the Acts 29 Prayer Group and Meeting, please contact Joan Shook at jgshk333777@gmail.com.